Sunday, March 27, 2011


I had asked Dillon to get on PJ’s and to make sure his dirty cloths went where they belong. I walked into his room and saw that he had multiple pairs of underwear out.
Dillon, why do you have more than one pair of undies out, and why aren’t they in the dirty’s?

Carson was in here pulling them out of my drawer

Sigh Ok then, do you know what ones are clean and what ones are dirty?

Dillon, As natural as breathing, continued to SNIFF them to see which ones were clean, and which ones were dirty!

Dillon: Yup, these ones are dirty, and these ones need to go back.

And we went on about our night.


NatBug said...

Oh that is so funny, I am at work at I totally started laughing out loud....BOYS!!! Gotta love them!

Kristin said...

Hey, he's a smart guy. He had a practical solution to the problem!

Rhoda said...

wow, you've got me on your blog roll already! It was fun to stop at random houses on the way home from our walk about making things happen! ☺