Friday, January 30, 2009

Oreo's anyone?

I have been eating an unhealthy amount of Oreo’s lately… and so has Dillon.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

my mom, and the snow

My mom came up last weekend and she insisted that we go sledding, not just anywhere but up to the mountains. We get up there and she was being a total wuss! She went down ONE time and from then on keep saying how scared she was! She would start from about ¼ the way up from the bottom and go from there. If she did go from the top, she would put her hands and feet down to “slow” herself down, hurting her hands and ankles in the process. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my mom to death, but she was just making herself scared, and I was getting frustrated. Dillon was going down from the top but he was on Chris lap (mind you he is only 3). Jokingly Chris asked my mom if she wanted to go on his lap, and she happily agreed (only seeing how safe Dillon was), that alone made me laugh. I thought this was a bad idea, but I guess I really didn’t see show bad of an idea it really was until they were almost to the bottom, I really and truly have NO idea how this happened, but Chris’s tube stopped dead on the hill and my mom went flying face first in the snow! Now this wasn’t a graceful fall, this was a full blown face plant! I was at the top laughing so hard, but trying to keep it to myself. Chris felt so bad! All and all she got a fat lip, a bloody nose, and we stopped giving her a hard time about going down again, but it was just about the funniest thing I have ever seen. I love you mom, thanks for the laugh!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a..........

BOY, oh boy am I humiliated!!! I look back at all my conversations, all my e-mails and my posts…. and yes, I was wrong! I can not and still find it hard to believe that I am having another boy. I am so happy, because I actually wanted another boy for Dillon to play with… but I still find it hard to grasp that it really is true. All my visions of life ahead of me were wrong, everything that I saw was wrong. I was so speechless, shocked, and in disbelief! Chris asked me at least twenty times if I was ok, because I just could not talk! I had the ultrasound tec. go back look again just to make sure (and for sure there is NO mistake… it is a BOY!) but I still didn’t believe it! We hung the pictures up on the fridge and just last night I walked by and started to laugh! I am still settling into this new vision, but I am so thrilled that I get a new little man to love! It is my lot in life to be surrounded by dirt, tractors, and stinky boys… but I love it!
P.S. Dillon has decided that the baby’s name is Backhoe… for all of you who are wondering!

Another field trip

Last week we went to the dinosaur museum for Dillon’s field trip. He had fun, but naturally his favorite part was digging in the sand!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A story to remember

The other night Dillon was eating soup, drinking the broth and swishing it around in his mouth. Under normal circumstances I don’t think this would bother me too much… but the pregnant me is very sensitive to these types of things. Here is the conversation…
Me: Dillon, please stop doing that.
Dillon: Why?
Me: Because I asked you too.
Dillon: Why?
Me: Because I asked you too and it grosses mommy out, I don’t like it!
Dillon: But you do it!
Me: No I don’t!
Dillon: Yes you do!

Me: No I do not, now please stop and just finish eating!

I look at Chris with a big grin on his face…

Chris: Hey Dillon, tell mommy when she does this! (He obviously could see where this is going)
Dillon: You do this every morning after you brush your teeth!
How could I help but not laugh! I just looked at Chris and said, “Ok, now how do I explain this one!” I just love my baby!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nothing too new for the New Year

Nothing too much new and exciting to report, I just have some random pictures to share, so here you go. I went to the Doctors yesterday and everything looked and sounded great! I feel like I have a huge pot belly and ate too much for the holidays (I know that the worst is yet to come!). I still get sick, but I am slowly getting a little better. I can actually feel it moving around in there, what a weird feeling! My doctor went to measure me and she saw it moving, I went to sit up, and of course it stopped, she told me to lay down again, and Chris jumped up… but naturally….. it stopped moving! I feel weird calling it an “it”. I know it’s a girl, but I can’t officially say that until the 19th (when we find out!) I am excited to prove myself right and Chris is just happy to know. That’s all for now, hope all the New Year resolutions are going good so far, mine is just to keep reminding myself that this is all worth it!