Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween fun

We had a great Halloween weekend! It started on Friday with a party in Dillon’s class and I went to help out with the party. Carson had a great time seeing all the kids dressed up, and I had fun seeing Dillon’s school friends. Then we headed out to Chris’s work to trick-or-treat there. The kids scored lots of candy there, in fact we could have been done… but no way! On Saturday we got all ready and headed out in the rain to trick or treat. Dillon did so good, saying “trick-or-treat” and thanking everybody! He was so excited he was running from house to house. Carson didn’t really get it. The first drop of the candy in his bucket and he was done ready to go home and eat it. I was so proud of Dillon, he wanted to keep going and going. We were about half way through our part of the neighborhood and we had to empty out his bucket because it was so full and not much more would fit in there. By the time we got home it was overflowing with candy. Carson didn’t get as much, because we didn’t take him up every time, but he got way more than he needs. Both boys had a great Halloween, and so did we!

Here is my “dog” waiting to go into school
Carson looking at all the fun costumes
Brotherly love
Who is this stranger in Dillon’s pj’s and in our house?
Getting ready to trick-or-treat
It really doesn’t look like much, but he got a LOT!
Hear is Carson looking for the next treat!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The pumpkins

Last weekend we finally carved our pumpkins, and Dillon had a blast! This is the first year Dillon was actually willing to clean out his own pumpkin, and even wanted to “poke” it and carve it. After he was done with his, he asked if he could clean out his brother’s. Chris’s is a pumpkin man on fire, mine is a kid in his bed scared by the eye peeking through the window, Dillon’s is no surprise, an “ice trucker”, and we decided to give Carson a car on fire. Sorry the pictures are blurry; I forgot to change the setting on my camera.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

fun in the sun

We have had one crazy month, but we did stop for a weekend of fun. We headed down to St. George to play in the sun and do our little family tradition of Staley Farms. We love Staley Farms, so many fun activities to do and they seem to add a little more every year. The boys loved it all, the “red neck trampoline”, the pig races, the petting zoo, and the infamous tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch. We also had fun miniature golfing and playing around at Grandmas & Boompas house. Sorry for the picture overload, I just love the memories and this is the best way to keep them.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Way back when it was sunny (OK, only two weeks ago) it was Chris's work Lagoon Day. We went, and very long story short, had a couple of visitors come up to visit and go with us to. My mom, sister, and two of her kids came with us and we all had an awesome time! Sorry, I didn't get too many pictures, but you get the idea... beautiful blue skies, warm weather & loads of fun!