Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This year for thanksgiving we headed to St. George with a very full house full of my brothers and sisters. It is a very rare occasion that we are all together at the same time, so it was fun to be with everybody. We did lots of shopping, playing, eating, and visiting. Since we won’t be seeing each other for Christmas, we decided to let the cousins open their presents with each other to see what we all got. That was a lot of fun, thanks for the great gifts cuz. Hope you all had a full Thanksgiving as well.

Dillon in the corn pit
Here is Dillon in action at Jumping Jacks
Carson loving bouncing around
Carson & Kyle going down the slide
Dillon having fun
Awwww baby Lilly
Opening the presents! Oh what fun

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fall fun

A couple of weekends ago we had our little tradition of playing in the leaves. We wish there were more leaves, but had fun anyways. This year was epically fun, because Carson really got into it and had the best time playing with Dillon and running around in the crunchy leaves. Oh what fun….. I love this time of year!

Dillon asked to take some pictures, so here they are. Great job buddy!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Last weekend we headed out into the freezing cold and fed the ducks. Once they started to approach us, Dillon was outta there, but Carson just stood right by dad and keep on feeding them. We love wheeler farms, and always have a great time when we go….. even in the cold.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random cuteness!

I love my kids! They are just too cute not to share, thanks for the memories my loves!
Dillon helping Carson put on his shoes, what a great big brother
What a big boy eating all by himself
My boys reading books together
This just makes me laugh!
What a stud
The boys watching the ever so exciting garbage truck. The really sweet part about this is Carson is a bit scared of it, but Dillon is always right there with him and holding him and telling him “don’t worry bud, I’m right here and it won’t hurt you” so sweet!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

5 year old art

I am actually quite impressed with my little 5 year old. He has just found out how much he loves to draw and color. This first picture he got the idea from Carson. Dillon drew this truck for Carson, he didn’t understand that it was just a picture and was trying to drive it and play with it. Dillon was laughing at him but soon after that got the great idea to cut out the trucks so he could drive them. I love his little imagination, and yes he did this ALL on his own. The scissors, the glue and everything…. Pretty good eh?