Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas! We had an awesome Christmas, and got more than we could ever ask for. Dillon got a lot of hot wheels, Lego’s, a pillow pet, and a triple ice trucker and much much more. Carson also got some hot wheels, a race car set, a farm, new dog with a blanket, and lots more too! The boys also got a new train table to share. Chris and I got a lot of gift cards, a new BBQer, and a new TV! (Our old one is pretty much dead) We are so lucky to have so much and most of all are very grateful to have our family, we hope you all had a great Christmas, we sure did!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Christmas magic

To get a full understanding of this story, I must bore you with a little story first. Every year we go to wheeler farms to take a tractor ride, and talk to Santa. We had decided to go last night, but to our dismay, everything was shut down. We were so sad, this is such a fun tradition for us, and we have quite enjoyed it in the past years. When we were leaving Dillon was very sad and asking where Santa was. I told him I wasn’t sure but I bet he had somewhere else he had to be tonight.
Ok, let the magic begin. We got home and Dillon was in his bedroom cleaning when to our surprise we heard honking outside. I opened the door to Santa and Mrs. Clause on a trailer being pulled by a truck. We grabbed Carson, and yelled for Dillon. He was SO SHOCKED!!! I have no words to even describe the look on his face. We ran down to the trailer, talked to Santa and got in our last minute requests. Carson was just waiving, and Dillon was in total shock and could hardly believe it. Dillon told us that Santa wasn’t at the farm because he had to come find him at his house, and he better be good now because Santa knows where he lives! After we got back inside Dillon went back to his room to finish cleaning, I headed down the hall and peeked in on him. Under his breath and shaking his head with a HUGE smile on his face he was saying “I can’t believe this just happened to me, I just can’t believe it”. Now that is magic! Unfortunately I didn’t grab the camera, but we do have some other fun Christmas pictures to share, I just wish I could have gotten his reaction on camera…. I love this time of the year!

Carson didn’t want to cooperate, hence the smile on his face!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

18 Months

Today my baby turned 18 months old! Where has the time gone? Carson is always, and has always been such a joy to have around, he is a ball full of smiles and energy! Right now he is discovering that he loves to be independent with EVERYTHING, and now has an opinion on what he would like to be doing. Carson is saying a handful of words, and loves to try and say more every day. Carson man, we love you so much….. keep up the great work!
Weight: 27 lbs. 2 oz. – 70%
Length: 34 in. – 95%
Head: 48.5 cm. – 70%

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The lost files

I always laughed when anybody would say “the lost” whatever because I doubt they were ever “lost” just never published, because if they were “lost” then how could they have them now to share?!? Enough about that, here are my “lost” pictures. I remembered this fun summer day and decided to share these fun pictures with you because even though it’s freaking DECEMBER, this type of weather reminds me of summer. Please December, this is an embarrassment, we need snow!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The frist snow

So this happened before Thanksgiving, but I’m a little behind on my blogging what can I say. The boys LOVED playing out in the snow and in fact this was Carson’s first experience playing in it (he was a bit too little last year!). Dillon wanted to be tossed and thrown around, and Carson just wanted to figure out what this beautiful white stuff was. We have great neighbors and before we could even get out there to shovel, it was already done for us! They were just finishing up right when we got out there and of course Carson had to go see the dog, he almost loved that more than the snow. We need more snow, come on its December…please!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This year for thanksgiving we headed to St. George with a very full house full of my brothers and sisters. It is a very rare occasion that we are all together at the same time, so it was fun to be with everybody. We did lots of shopping, playing, eating, and visiting. Since we won’t be seeing each other for Christmas, we decided to let the cousins open their presents with each other to see what we all got. That was a lot of fun, thanks for the great gifts cuz. Hope you all had a full Thanksgiving as well.

Dillon in the corn pit
Here is Dillon in action at Jumping Jacks
Carson loving bouncing around
Carson & Kyle going down the slide
Dillon having fun
Awwww baby Lilly
Opening the presents! Oh what fun

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fall fun

A couple of weekends ago we had our little tradition of playing in the leaves. We wish there were more leaves, but had fun anyways. This year was epically fun, because Carson really got into it and had the best time playing with Dillon and running around in the crunchy leaves. Oh what fun….. I love this time of year!

Dillon asked to take some pictures, so here they are. Great job buddy!