Thursday, December 31, 2009


OK, I lied, I do have time for just one more post for the year with some very exciting news. My baby FINALLY ROLLED!! Whoohoo! Way to go big buddy! I am very sad tho, because I was at the store shopping with Dillon and Chris called me with the great news. I didn't get to see him in action :( I am happy for Chris since he does miss lots of stuff with the boys, but I am still sad that I didn't get to see it for the first time. Be safe, and I will be back in 2010.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


As always, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, we sure did! We were spoiled by Santa this year. The boys got all sorts of things from hot wheels tracks, construction equipment, games, cloths, and books, to a box full of food for Carson and some diapers. Chris and I got a new camera, and a new bed set. I got a really nice new coat, and Chris got a pressure washer. We had a great Christmas, and the fun isn't stopping there for us. My sister and family are on there way to come visit for a couple of days, then we are headed off to Durango to ring in the New Year. We all know how crazy it can be with visitors around, so this will be my last post of the year. This year has been FULL of adventure for us as a family and personally. As eventful as last year was, we hope this year will be a better one! Hope your New Year is fun and exciting, celebrate safely and I will be back in 2010!

six months

Somewhere between Christmas and life, my little Carson man turned SIX months old! He is healthy, happy, and doing very well I might add. Here are his stats:
Weight: 21lbs. 10oz. (WAY off the charts)
Height: 28 in. (102 %)
Head: 44.7 cm (60%)
Carson is a ball of smiles! He is just so happy all of the time. He still doesn't roll, can's sit up on his own yet, but he can out eat you any day. He loves his veggies, and is only eating four ounces of formula and a stage two food every three hours. I love the fact he has his own personality, and I can always understand what he needs. I love that our days are pretty predictable now, and he has a particular way he likes his world to be. I love you Carson, thanks for being such a happy and fantastic kid. You make all our lives a happy one... never stop smiling! We love you!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

what we have been up to

I will for warn you in advance, this is long post so this may bore you!

We went to the temple to see the lights. Dillon enjoyed seeing them all, and Carson didn't really care much. Other than the thousand other people that had the same great idea to go that night, we had fun!

Here we have Dillon at his school program. What a handsome little boy I have

and here is is annoyed that he has to put on the antlers and annoyed again about the Christmas tree costume
and this is what he thinks of the Santa hat
he just makes me smile, I love you you little turd

go figure

So the other night I was slaving away wrapping Christmas presents, bringing my grand total wrapping time to a whopping THREE and a HALF hours I might add, anywho Chris was taking care of Carson for me. When I was finally done and went to go see what he had accomplished here is what he was up to.....
Lucky boys!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Playing in the snow

Here are some pictures of the snow storm we got last week. Dillon LOVES to play outside... he could be out there for hours!


Carson LOVES his vegetables, yes you heard me, his vegetables. It is the fruit I have a hard time getting him to eat.

Here is his face realizing it's feeding time
This is a face right after a bite of fruitand another bite screw this....
he then found his own snack
and is very happy to have it!
and finally here is Carson's new do!:)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Santa & Mom's present!

We had the opportunity to see Santa two days in a row... what lucky boys I have. Once at my father-in-laws work, then at a rec. center near here. And I am just about the luckiest mom around because I got my Christmas present early... I will no longer have blurry pictures to share, because with my NEW CAMERA it is not possible to take a blurry picture! :) Please note, these pictures are not with the new one... I will have to download the ones I have.... what a lucky girl I am! :) Thanks honey!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gobble gobble

As last year, Dillon's school had a little Thanksgiving party with a feast. It is so cute, and very yummy I might add! We also had a FULL-filling Thanksgiving with Chris's family, I hope you all had a great one yourselves.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Things to remember

Chris was playing with Dillon like he was a baby. He was rocking him in his arms and signing the “rock-a-bye-baby” song. Dillon with the most puzzling look on his face said:
Dad, why would anybody put a baby in a tree, up high, for it to fall down?

Dillon has a bit of OCD; I have no idea where he gets it? (I am truly sorry Dillon!) He has to have everything in place, and has a place for everything. It’s hard for him to have friends come over and help clean up because they don’t know where things belong, and then he gets mad, and I in turn get mad at him for not letting them help. A couple of weeks ago we were playing candy land… I just had to take a picture of how he was cleaning up.

The next day was this.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The snow

Even tho we are all sick around here... we couldn't help ourselves playing outside in the snow (hey we are already sick, what else could we worry about, right?). Dillon was out there for a good hour and a half, Carson stayed in this time... but soon, very soon I will let him out in the white world!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New P.J.'s

I saw these and just had to buy them, it may be a little hard to see but they have dump trucks, cement trucks, road signs, and all other things construction on them. Very cute!
Dillon size: 5T
Carson size: 18 Months :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

playing around

Every year we go play in the leaves... and have the best time doing it! This year was no exception to the rule..... even Carson got into it and had lots of fun.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a great time (as I'm sure all kids did) trick-or-treating. First we went to Jordan Landing, holey PACKED, then came home to fill up our belly, then in our neighborhood. I was really disappointed tho , I would have to say about only half of the houses were handing out candy.... a bunch of fuddy duddy's if you ask me. Loads of fun, loads of candy!

Dillon, the Construction worker

Dillon (the pit crew man) & Carson (a little devil) with there cousins, Kambree, Kenzie, and Kayla, at Jordan Landing

Dillon loving Carson

Thursday, October 29, 2009

100 / Honored

This is my 100th post and I wanted to post something really amassing and fantastic... so I have been doing some thinking, and the most amassing and fantastic thing I could think of is my boys! I am completely honored, honored to be Dillon and Carson's mom. I am so proud of my boys, and I could have never imagined the love I have for them and that it grows more every day. How I ever got so lucky I will never know, but I hope that they know more than anything else how much I love and cherish them. Dillon, what a unique little boy. I have never come across a four year old quite like him. Some of his favorite foods consist of steak, sloppy jo's and the soup from the olive garden. He is not a huge fan of pizza, fries, and I could not get him to drink pop if his life depended on it. His love for Construction equipment makes me laugh. One of his first words was tractor, and when we would back up, he would always say “beep beep beep”. He has seen at least a thousand “tractors” and to this day still gets excited about each and every one of them. He knows more about construction equipment than most adults, and I keep asking myself if this phase will ever end? I can not even describe what an amassing big brother he is. I am so proud of him and that he has embraced the big brother roll so well. He is always willing to help, he loves Carson and loves to give him kisses. He loves to make him smile, and he just generally loves being around him. One night we were talking about having just a mom, dad and Dillon night out. Dillon in turn said “but what about Carson, he's my brother and I love him and will miss him”! Dillon is willing to share some of his most prized possessions with Carson just to make him happy. I could go on and on, but I will stop. I cherish our every day conversations and the imagination he has. Dillon's adventures keep me going, going, going but he is worth every second and am so happy that he is mine!Carson, I just say his name and smile! His big chubby face can light up ANY room and he is so good at it! From the second he was born he has so many facial expressions. He is the best crusty giver I have ever seen, but his huge smile makes up for it! He is starting to enjoy so many new things, and I can not wait for all our adventures to began. He has the most gentle cry I have ever heard, and can complain if he is not getting what he needs or wants without the annoying squeal, it's just tender. I love rocking with him, and just starring at his precious face. I love how he watches every move you make. I love our little conversations we have. I love that he knows me. He is so big, but he is only four months old, I wish he would just stop growing for half a second so I can enjoy him being “little” because at this rate... he will pass Dillon in no time! Carson, thank you so much for your smile, it truly melts my heart! Thank you for being patience with your crazy mom and brother, thank you for being more than I could ever imagine and most of all, thank you for just being you, you make our house a happy one!

Again, to the love's of my life, thank you so much for all the smiles you bring to my life. I know that I am lucky to be your mom and I only hope that you will always know how much you mean to me, you are my world and I couldn't live with out you! I LOVE YOU!