Monday, April 30, 2012


This may be old news to some, but we have never done this before. My sister-in-law gave the boys some gift cards for Christmas, so we headed off to “build their bears”. I just thought this was darling, and I loved watching the boys having there bear’s come to life. **Warning** picture overload!!! But I just wanted to capture it all!
The selection
Dillon making his wish Stuffing Carson making his wish And another stuffing Giving their new bears a bath Clothing selection……. (WOW!) Dillon just happy! Dillon’s cloths Dressing him all up Carson’s all ready


Thursday, April 19, 2012

T.H.E. thing to do…….

Around mid March, there were patches everywhere of the blue bonnet flowers. It’s the wild flower of Texas, and they were gorgeous! Well apparently its T.H.E. thing to do here, go get your blue bonnet pictures taken. Everybody keep asking me, have you done your pictures yet, have you done your pictures yet? I took the kids and finally got the blue bonnet pictures, and here they are. We were a couple of weeks late, so they weren’t as “fresh” as they could have been, but next year for sure I will be on top of that ball :) Silly faces!
SO precious

Sunday, April 15, 2012

In preparation

I’m a little behind on my posting….. so sue me! To get ready for Easter, of course we dyed eggs. Fun and messy. Nuff said. And here is Christopher’s creation with the cracked egg. I just love him!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A VERY happy Easter!

We had a GREAT day! It started out with checking out the loot that the Easter bunny left for us.
We have actually had a bunny come visit us a couple of times in the back yard. Carson is so stinking cute and keep looking outside calling for the bunny, he wanted to tell him thank you and give him a love.
We then headed off to an Egg drop. Apparently it’s THE thing to do here in Texas. A helicopter comes and drops TONS of eggs in a designated area and then the kids run for it to collect it. It was really cool and the boys LOVED it. I was very shocked at how forceful the wind really was. Lots and lots of fun!!!
Good bye helicopter…..We then headed off to some friend’s house for some lunch and a hunt for more eggs, just what the kids needed. The weather here all week has been GEORGOUS but not today. Thank goodness it cooperated for the helicopter, but literally two minutes after we got in the car is was POORING! We could have hid the eggs in the house, but what fun would that have been? Our friends are from Arizona and apparently they did this all the time when they were younger, you just make a garbage bag poncho :) At first the boys weren’t sure, but they had fun in the rain “hunting” for eggs. Us adults got a little wet too, but we all had a great time! Here they all are playing in the puddle…… fun fun fun!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Rotten luck!

In February the diamond to my engagement ring fell out :( then the other night my wedding ring broke. Thank goodness I can still wear it, but I still feel so naked without my other ring on. It makes me scared to wear my diamond necklaces……..
How my ring is supposed to look
See how the four little diamonds on the side broke off :(I know it a bad picture, but here is the missing diamond from my ring :(