Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hoppy Easter

Easter weekend we found some egg hunts, and we hunted! It was sad because Dillon is 6, and Carson is 1 so they couldn’t “hunt” together. I did take the camera, but the first hunt I was with Dillon and it was such a joke, it would have been like the “Where’s Waldo” books trying to find Dillon. The second hunt I was with Carson and it was so much better. Dillon enjoyed getting trampled over and fighting for candy, Carson had a great time finding all the suckers and eggs and putting them in his basket. All and all, the hunts were a success! The Easter Bunny found us! He left a trail of eggs for the boys to follow and they loved getting their Easter treats. Easter morning for breakfast was candy, and then I decided to make an actual breakfast, but candy was the main course. Hey, it’s only once a year right. Hope you all enjoyed your Easter.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Growing up

April 17th, 2011. This is the last day Carson saw his Binky. I have given all my kids (because I have so many of them) until the age of two to have the binky, but Carson was just REALLY attached to it and it drove me nuts! I decided to get an old binky and cut the end off (the same way I got Dillon off his). I hid the other ones and gave him this one when he asked. He put it in, pulled it, looked at it funny, stuck it back in and went on his merry way. As the day grew long, he was getting annoyed with it and for nap and bed time, he would throw it back at us when he was given it. On Sunday, we went running around and he wanted nothing to do with it. I dropped the boys off, left and went to go run around some more. When I got home I noticed I still had it in my car. He had gone down for his nap without even asking for it. I decided to hide that one too, and that was the last he saw of that. My poor baby, I’m a little sad, but happy to see his darling smile without the blasted binky!

One last picture just for old time sake.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coloring eggs

We had a great time the other night coloring eggs for Easter. And what do you know, the counter was due for a good bleaching anyways…..

Friday, April 15, 2011

It was bound to happen

Yesterday Dillon was out riding scooters with some friends, when I got a knock on the door to this ……. This is probably the first “real” accident Dillon has been in. He was so sad, he was trying to be brave but as soon as he saw me, he just started to cry! My poor little man. Here he is later that night. And the next morning At least picture day was earlier the day before!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pick a pair any pair

Dillon thought it was so funny to get into my closet and try on our shoes, what a goof!
And how could Carson not join in on the fun…

Sunday, April 3, 2011

love, love, love

Take a good look, because here you have one lucky boy! Carson has the world’s best big brother! This is not the first time I have said this, but I was looking through my pictures the other day and almost every other one is of Dillon and Carson, not just one or the other. They truly love each other, but Carson especially loves his big brother! We have been playing a game in the car when you see a yellow car, you say “bingo”. Dillon was telling everyone there score (randomly picking number that is) and we asked what Carson’s score was, he told us it’s the same as his because he wanted to share all his with his brother. Last weekend Dillon went to his Grandpas for a sleepover with some cousins, he came home and his cousins told me the whole time he was telling them that he is thinking about Carson and he misses him and wanted to come home. The first words out of Carson’s mouth when he wakes up from his nap is “Dill-O”, and he will say it over and over until he gets his “Dill-O”. The other night I was in the middle of dinner, and Carson wanted my hand (he will ask for your hand and lead you to what he needs) I told him to hold on a sec, and sure enough, Dillon came running to the rescue and took Carson’s hand to help him get the truck he wanted. I could go on and on, but you might be getting a little jealous, so I will show you a couple more and be done with it…. for now anyways.

Dillon giving Carson a ride on his new bike

Dillon reading a book to Carson, which Carson LOVES! Carson still wanted to be close to his brother even when he was playing his game
The morning ritual of sitting in mom’s bed and watching T.V.
The boys watching the construction going on next door