Friday, December 2, 2011

Dallas Zoo

Last week Dillon had the whole week off for Thanksgiving, and what better way to spend one of the day’s than at the zoo, for only a BUCK!!! Apparently every year the Tuesday before Thanksgiving its dollar day’s at the zoo. Ok, rewind the story for a second, my sister’s sister in-law (ya got that) actually lives here in Dallas, I hooked up with her and she is the one who told me about it, and actually invited us along. Her in-laws (so my sister's in-laws too) were here for Thanksgiving, and they joined us as well. It was fun spending the day with my sisters in-laws! : )It was so good for Dillon to get out with other kids, and Carson LOVES the zoo! The weather was a wee bit cool, but other than that, a GREAT day!
Watching the bird
How cute are those elephants, and the boys…..
Silly boys!

My big boy.....


NatBug said...

How fun....a new zoo to explore! Better than the Hogle Zoo that they have been to a million times! Their exhibits look cool, plus they have lions!

Allison said...

I can't believe how big the boys are getting! This looks a great zoo...