Monday, December 12, 2011


Our club house had a Christmas party on Saturday, and guess who decided to show up? Yup, you guessed it….. Santa! We told Carson we were going to go see Santa, and he keep laughing telling us “I see Santa” “I love Santa”! Dillon totally understands what is going on here, but Carson has NO idea, I don’t think he even understands that Santa brings him presents. The boys were super cute, and Dillon wanted to go with Carson (so Carson won’t be scared). The first words out of Dillon’s mouth were “is Rudolph really real?” Santa was really sweet, and went on a five minute explanation about how he is in the barn, with the rest of the reindeer and how they all play reindeer games….. way to go Santa! After that Dillon got around to telling him his list, and Carson just sat there the whole time smiling and laughing at their conversation.


NatBug said...

What a great Santa!!! He looks awesome, cute that he knew exactly what to say. So did you meet any neighbors at this?

Rhoda said...

Carson is getting so TALL! That is so cute about Santa, gotta good one for sure!