Monday, November 28, 2011

Fun, fun, and more fun

We had a fabulous weekend! How about you? I was so happy that my mom and stepdad Steve were able to come visit us for Thanksgiving, and we sure had a great time! We had a super yummy feast on Thursday, and then the boys got their Christmas present early from the G & G. After that was the crazy shopping to follow. On Friday, Steve was supposed to go flying but the weather was too bad so we took a mini tour of Frisco instead. Chris and I were able to go shopping together without the kids for Christmas, and then my mom, Steve and I went to see Breaking Dawn. On Saturday we had a fun filled day full of activates, but again the weather had other plans and it was a wee bit cold to be playing outside so instead we went to a mall (I know, super creative) where the boys got to ride the train with grandma, and then to Arthur Christmas (a very cute movie that I would recommend by the way) only to send G & G on a plane home : ( I really appreciate them coming to visit us. The boys had so much fun playing with Grandma, and Dillon really enjoyed making paper airplanes with Grandpa. It was sad to send them home, Dillon was even crying.
The airport for the paper airplanes that they built with Grandpa
The train ride with Grandma Christmas presents! On Sunday, it was clean house, and put Christmas up! I love this time of the year and it’s always fun to bust out the Christmas bins and see all the fun decorations. The boys had a really good time putting the tree up, and it was fun to have Carson help out this year. (He has just been too little in the past to “help”)
And here we are, back to Monday. A new week full of new adventures I’m sure! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


Kristin said...

That does look like great fun! I'm so glad your mom & Steve were able to come for the holiday. Your tree is delightful, too! It's so fun when the kids get excited decorating the tree. :)

NatBug said...

What a great Thanksgiving...I am so glad that you were able to have family come out and visit you! It sure looks like your boys loved having grandma and grandpa there! I bet they loved getting Christmas presents early too! Miss you!