Thursday, June 9, 2011

A memory I never want to forget

Carson is getting SO big, he is talking so much and I can pretty much understand what he wants and needs….. and I love it! Carson was having some snacks Dillon doesn’t really like. I heard him offer one to Dillon, and he replied with a “no thank you Carson” Carson really wanted to share with his brother so he gave him the whole bowl and again Dillon replied with a “no thank you Carson”. Carson came running to me and said “come here” I followed him to the pantry. He busted it open and says to me “Snack…. Dillo…… snack”
He had led me to the pantry because he really wanted to share a snack with his brother. I thought this was so precious, so I gave him one treat for Dillon. He ran it to him, and came running back to me “two” he says. I gave him another one, and he went and sat down next to his brother to have a treat with him. Even though (on a daily basis) I get so frustrated with my boys, I am so lucky to have them. These are the moments that I cherish as a mother, and for every frustrating hour I may have, at least I have this one happy one to remember! I love you boys!!!


Rhoda said...

I love that you find these moments and share them! I need to write down more of those moments. Wouldn't that be fun to find a bunch of these memories that your mom wrote about you? what a great idea! Thanks.

Kristin said...

That is really very sweet. I'm glad you are keeping a record of these things because we think we will remember them, but then life happens and we forget. I'm so glad your sweet boys are such good buddies and you've taught them to be so caring and polite.