Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

We had a very low key Father’s Day, Chris’s request of course. I made him one of his favorite dinners, and he worked on his car, nothing exciting, but just what he wanted. Because I’m a little behind on my posts, I will mix these pictures in with my Happy Father’s day post. Remember way back when I said I will share more of the St. George trip with you? Well of course you don’t….. you have a life, so long story short we went, had fun, went to Sand Hallow, the Sand Dunes, and had a great time. And now the proof I hope my darling Christopher had a great Father’s Day! I could have never known what an extraordinary Father he would be, but he has far surpassed my expectations! I love you, and I love that you love our children even more. Thank you for being such a great father, my kids sure are lucky! As to my Dad Craig, step-dad Steve, and my father-in-law Ken, I hope you all had a great and relaxing day full of things you enjoy too! Happy Father’s Day to you all.

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