Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday party pictures & stats

We got around to having Carson’s Birthday party where he scored more presents. We got him some Lego’s and a Lightening McQueen scooter, and his aunt got him an adorable Mater pillow pet with a beach towel. We took Carson in for his 2 year old well check and all is good. I have a healthy happy and most importantly DARLING little boy…. here are his stats:
Weight: 31.0… 80%
Length: 35.5… 75%
Head: 49.2… 60%

His train cake, that he was IN LOVE with! It looks like Dillon made it, and we will just stick with that ; )

I don't know if you can really see his smile or not, but he was so happy!

Happy to have his own Lego's to play with, so he can play with Dillon

His new scooter that he wanted to rip open

And here he is in action!

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