Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hoppy Easter

Easter weekend we found some egg hunts, and we hunted! It was sad because Dillon is 6, and Carson is 1 so they couldn’t “hunt” together. I did take the camera, but the first hunt I was with Dillon and it was such a joke, it would have been like the “Where’s Waldo” books trying to find Dillon. The second hunt I was with Carson and it was so much better. Dillon enjoyed getting trampled over and fighting for candy, Carson had a great time finding all the suckers and eggs and putting them in his basket. All and all, the hunts were a success! The Easter Bunny found us! He left a trail of eggs for the boys to follow and they loved getting their Easter treats. Easter morning for breakfast was candy, and then I decided to make an actual breakfast, but candy was the main course. Hey, it’s only once a year right. Hope you all enjoyed your Easter.

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Kristin said...

The egg trail down the hall made me laugh. :) What fun. Yes, enjoy holidays and do crazy things. It's funny what the kids remember fondly when they get older. A typical breakfast wouldn't be one of them, but a candy breakfast would.