Friday, September 17, 2010

15 months

Yesterday my baby turned 15 months old. My my, how they grow so fast! He is just as cute as ever and seems to be in much better spirits now that he has tubes in his ears. Carson is walking all over the place, getting into everything that isn't locked up and just a ball full of smiles and energy! Carson loves doges (and likes to bark like one) and cars (and makes the vroom vroom sound too!). He LOVES to look at all the pictures I have around the house of all our family. He epically loves to look at yours truly... mama. ( It sure makes me feel special!!!) Now that Dillon is in school we walk him to the bus stop every day and when we get home, Carson still walks around calling for him. He loves his BAAA (blanket) and really enjoys dancing. Carson is a great kid and sure makes me smile just saying his name! We love you lots and lots buddy! Here are his stats:

Weight: 26lbs. 15 oz.... %80
Height: 32 ½ in.... %90
Head: 48.1 cm.... %75


Ashley Rae said...

I think 15 months is my favorite age- they are old enough to be really entertaining and fun, but they haven't QUITE hit the terrible two's, yet. You've got some handsome little boys there!

Kristin said...

Cute, cute, cute. Why don't you live closer so I can see him more often?