Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us!

So about TEN years ago, Chris and I decided to get married, and so we did! To celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary, we are going to Jamaica.. yes Jamaica We are so excited to go, but are very sad to leave our babies. A huge thanks to my father-in-law and my mom for watching them, I know they will be in great hands. I decided to share some pictures from our wedding, the quality sucks, but here you go anyways. I will most definitely be posting pictures when we get back, just to brag. Hey, you only have a ten year anniversary once (at least that's what's your suppose to do)!

I LOVE this picture, I know it's hard to see, but Chris looks so cute and excited! (sucker!)

Here we are saying we do

Look how excited we are to sign out lives awayAwww, sweetWhispering sweet nothings in my earAgain hard to see, but we loved our cake, instead of the bride and groom on top, we had a motorcycle and a credit card!
This is one of my FAVORITE pictures, because it's just us being us


Kristin said...

Happy 10th Anniversary!!! I hope you both have a fabulous time this week. I'm sure your sunny personality will keep the hurricanes away. :)

wurstens5 said...

Wow you guys look so young! Hope you have fun!

Kristin said...

Happy happy happy anniversary! Was your trip great?