Monday, September 27, 2010

Dillon & Carson

I have got some pretty cute kids, and to prove it to you, I will share some cute pictures of them!

Awwwww, my sweet little boy

OUCH! Carson sleeping bent over

Dillon reading to Carson

This is what happens at our house if you are naughty!

Carson playing guitar with Dad

Here are my boys plying peek-a-boo!

Dillon can be very helpful at times, and if Carson wakes up before I am ready for him to, Dillon will jump in his crib and entertain Carson for me. Here is Dillon annoyed that I am taking a picture of him in the crib.

Carson mowing the lawn with Dad

1 comment:

Kristin said...

You have two very helpful little boys there. Carson's lawnmower is great. I wonder if he'll enjoy mowing every weekend when he is 16. :) I'm glad Dillon likes to help you out with Carson. They're going to be good buddies.