Sunday, December 20, 2009

what we have been up to

I will for warn you in advance, this is long post so this may bore you!

We went to the temple to see the lights. Dillon enjoyed seeing them all, and Carson didn't really care much. Other than the thousand other people that had the same great idea to go that night, we had fun!

Here we have Dillon at his school program. What a handsome little boy I have

and here is is annoyed that he has to put on the antlers and annoyed again about the Christmas tree costume
and this is what he thinks of the Santa hat
he just makes me smile, I love you you little turd


allison garcia said...

Totally seems like something Micah would do. GOtta love our little stinkers.

Kristin said...

Made me laugh outloud. There I was thinking "somehow, that little Dillion is just always happy about everything" and then we come to the antler picture, the tree costume and finally the Santa hat, and I smile with relief to be reassured that he is indeed a normal little boy. :)

NatBug said...

Dillon makes me laugh so hard...that is too funny that he doesn't like his outfits! Anywho, I am glad that you got to go see the lights this year, we are planning on going on Wednesday. I hope that you guys all have the best Christmas and that Santa finds your house!