Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New P.J.'s

I saw these and just had to buy them, it may be a little hard to see but they have dump trucks, cement trucks, road signs, and all other things construction on them. Very cute!
Dillon size: 5T
Carson size: 18 Months :)


Kristin said...

Those are so cute! And is Carson really wearing size 18 months!??! His hair looks a little red -- is that just the lighting, or do we have a little red head guy?

wurstens5 said...

Cute. I miss my little chubby wubby

Heather said...

Yes, Carson's P.J.'s are size 18 months, in the pj's defense... they run small, but right now he is currently wearing size 6-12 months cloths. His hair is brown, I don't think it has any hint of red in it so maybe it's the lighting?!?

Ashley Rae said...

Aw, they are adorable. :)