Monday, November 23, 2009

Things to remember

Chris was playing with Dillon like he was a baby. He was rocking him in his arms and signing the “rock-a-bye-baby” song. Dillon with the most puzzling look on his face said:
Dad, why would anybody put a baby in a tree, up high, for it to fall down?

Dillon has a bit of OCD; I have no idea where he gets it? (I am truly sorry Dillon!) He has to have everything in place, and has a place for everything. It’s hard for him to have friends come over and help clean up because they don’t know where things belong, and then he gets mad, and I in turn get mad at him for not letting them help. A couple of weeks ago we were playing candy land… I just had to take a picture of how he was cleaning up.

The next day was this.


Kristin said...

That is cute. He must have a very organized mind. Hopefully he will learn to use this to his advantage and not let it drive him and everyone around him crazy. :)

Ashley Rae said...

lol... that's very cute.