Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th Day in July fun!

We had a great 4th! We took the kids to see a movie in the morning then headed to our neighbors house to party.  After it finally got dark, the fireworks begun.  Here in Texas, the BIG ones are legal, so it was a really good show, all around us!  The kids had lots of fun doing the sparklers, and it was just an all around great day!

Dillon really wanted to make this to take to the party, he was very proud of it, but was too busy watching TV to take a picture with it

As we were doing fireworks, the moon showed up.  This picture doesn’t do justice, it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Can you see the moon? GORGEOUS!

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Kristin said...

What fun. :) I'm happy you all enjoyed they day. Our neighbors set of some really big fireworks as well. They were very loud, but cool.