Monday, July 2, 2012

There “first hair cut”

For anybody that doesn’t know me, I’m super duper cheap.  I hate paying full price for things, and I’m a coupon queen!  I’m getting really sick of paying for the boy’s haircuts. It looks SO simple, especially because they only use clippers. Chris finally convinced me to buy some and let him do it.  I was very scared at first, but they actually turned out really good! Now my boys look all handsome, and I saved money. It’s a win win!

They had hair ALL over them, so we let them play in the sprinklers


Rhoda said...

Sweet! I've been doing all my boys hairs for YEARS! It's pretty easy! (way to go Dad!) I love that you are the coupon queen...I wish I could have learned more while you were here. We miss you guys!

Kristin said...

Hey, nice job! They look terrific! And happy - which is most important, of course. :)