Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012

Happy New Year! We had a very LOUD and scary (for the kids anyways) New Year. Our neighbors decided to set off firecrackers and fireworks at midnight, leading to Carson terrified and Dillon a little shaken up. Carson was shaking and didn’t want to get back in bed, it was pretty sad. He just keep saying “oh no” and “what’s that?” : ( poor little man. Dillon was a little scared at first, but after watching them for a while, he was ok to go back to bed. Carson didn’t end up getting back in his bed until 1ish. Happy New Year!
I start my New Year’s post with my boys enjoying their Christmas present, oh so fun!


Ashley Rae said...

Oh, poor kids. Too bad they were scared :(

Happy New Year's! They look darling in their jammies :)

Kristin said...

Looks like they are enjoying it! Did Carson feel any better about it after being able to see what was going on? Hopefully next year they won't be as surprised and can maybe enjoy the fireworks display. Happy 2012!

Grandpa Craig said...

Nice "Christmas" present...with all that sunshine and apparent "jammies wearing" warmth, it looks a little more like a "summer" present.. :)