Sunday, January 8, 2012


Ever since I can remember, Carson has put his finger through the tag on his blanket. It sounds strange, and it is, but for whatever reason it had always comforted him. It’s really funny because when you lay him down, he says “find it” and we all know what it means. Any time the kids had a babysitter, I would always tell them to let Dillon put Carson to bed, because he will need you to find the “find it”, and Dillon knows what it is. As you can imagine, the tag has been getting worn out. This is what it looked like a couple of weeks ago. Well the other night, I was tucking him bed when I noticed if finally “broke”. He was very sad and keep telling me “find it, find it” I keep handing him the tag, but it was a non-functioning tag. My poor little man. He tells me all the time his blanket is broke, and we need to go get him a new one, what a tragedy in his little world! : (


Rhoda said...

oh, sad face! But it's a dang cute sad face!!

Kristin said...

Sad. :(

Funny what little things can bring us comfort! Will you be getting him a new blanket, or is he adjusting?

NatBug said...

If that isn't the saddest thing, I don't know what is? Poor Carson!