Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Christmas magic

To get a full understanding of this story, I must bore you with a little story first. Every year we go to wheeler farms to take a tractor ride, and talk to Santa. We had decided to go last night, but to our dismay, everything was shut down. We were so sad, this is such a fun tradition for us, and we have quite enjoyed it in the past years. When we were leaving Dillon was very sad and asking where Santa was. I told him I wasn’t sure but I bet he had somewhere else he had to be tonight.
Ok, let the magic begin. We got home and Dillon was in his bedroom cleaning when to our surprise we heard honking outside. I opened the door to Santa and Mrs. Clause on a trailer being pulled by a truck. We grabbed Carson, and yelled for Dillon. He was SO SHOCKED!!! I have no words to even describe the look on his face. We ran down to the trailer, talked to Santa and got in our last minute requests. Carson was just waiving, and Dillon was in total shock and could hardly believe it. Dillon told us that Santa wasn’t at the farm because he had to come find him at his house, and he better be good now because Santa knows where he lives! After we got back inside Dillon went back to his room to finish cleaning, I headed down the hall and peeked in on him. Under his breath and shaking his head with a HUGE smile on his face he was saying “I can’t believe this just happened to me, I just can’t believe it”. Now that is magic! Unfortunately I didn’t grab the camera, but we do have some other fun Christmas pictures to share, I just wish I could have gotten his reaction on camera…. I love this time of the year!

Carson didn’t want to cooperate, hence the smile on his face!

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NatBug said...

That is magical....so awesome and totally ironic the way everything tied together. I loved what Dillon was saying about the whole thing, kids are sooo innocent and cute!