Monday, December 6, 2010

The frist snow

So this happened before Thanksgiving, but I’m a little behind on my blogging what can I say. The boys LOVED playing out in the snow and in fact this was Carson’s first experience playing in it (he was a bit too little last year!). Dillon wanted to be tossed and thrown around, and Carson just wanted to figure out what this beautiful white stuff was. We have great neighbors and before we could even get out there to shovel, it was already done for us! They were just finishing up right when we got out there and of course Carson had to go see the dog, he almost loved that more than the snow. We need more snow, come on its December…please!


Kristin said...

So Carson liked the cold, wet, white stuff? Looks like Dillon was having a good time.

We got a little show here a few weeks ago, and it pretty much disabled the city. In Utah its easy to take for granted that the main roads are going to be plowed. Not so up here in Washington! So although part of me wishes for lots more snow, another part doesn't want to deal with the icy, unplowed streets, especially with the teen drivers!

NatBug said...

So cute, I am glad Carson liked the snow. I can't wait until Ben gets to play in it too!