Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random cuteness!

I love my kids! They are just too cute not to share, thanks for the memories my loves!
Dillon helping Carson put on his shoes, what a great big brother
What a big boy eating all by himself
My boys reading books together
This just makes me laugh!
What a stud
The boys watching the ever so exciting garbage truck. The really sweet part about this is Carson is a bit scared of it, but Dillon is always right there with him and holding him and telling him “don’t worry bud, I’m right here and it won’t hurt you” so sweet!

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grandpa craig said...

I really liked this post, these pictures. The one of Carson with the two pacifiers reminds me of you (Heather) at that age - you liked to turn them around in your mouth so the soft suck-on part would stick out of your lips.
And the one of the two of them checking out the garbage truck is priceless. I'm saving that one along with the caption.