Sunday, November 7, 2010

5 year old art

I am actually quite impressed with my little 5 year old. He has just found out how much he loves to draw and color. This first picture he got the idea from Carson. Dillon drew this truck for Carson, he didn’t understand that it was just a picture and was trying to drive it and play with it. Dillon was laughing at him but soon after that got the great idea to cut out the trucks so he could drive them. I love his little imagination, and yes he did this ALL on his own. The scissors, the glue and everything…. Pretty good eh?


NatBug said...

I love the art of little ones. I have so many of my kids projects stored away, can't seem to part with them. His trucks are cute! I just looked at your Halloween post too, your kids looked super cute, I like the doggy the best!

Ashley Rae said...

What a good little artist :)

I love seeing all of the pictures that kids draw. It's fun to see their imagination on paper.

NatBug said...

Hey Heather, I have all the intention of calling you, but in case I forget Bunco is next weekend on the 20th here is Salt Lake. Unless I hear different I will plan on picking you up around 5:30.