Thursday, October 28, 2010

The pumpkins

Last weekend we finally carved our pumpkins, and Dillon had a blast! This is the first year Dillon was actually willing to clean out his own pumpkin, and even wanted to “poke” it and carve it. After he was done with his, he asked if he could clean out his brother’s. Chris’s is a pumpkin man on fire, mine is a kid in his bed scared by the eye peeking through the window, Dillon’s is no surprise, an “ice trucker”, and we decided to give Carson a car on fire. Sorry the pictures are blurry; I forgot to change the setting on my camera.

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Kristin said...

The pumpkins are VERY cute. I like both of the boys' and I love the one of the frightened person in bed. Fun, fun, fun. :) I'm glad you're taking pictures of all this stuff. Your kids are going to have such great memories.