Sunday, October 24, 2010

fun in the sun

We have had one crazy month, but we did stop for a weekend of fun. We headed down to St. George to play in the sun and do our little family tradition of Staley Farms. We love Staley Farms, so many fun activities to do and they seem to add a little more every year. The boys loved it all, the “red neck trampoline”, the pig races, the petting zoo, and the infamous tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch. We also had fun miniature golfing and playing around at Grandmas & Boompas house. Sorry for the picture overload, I just love the memories and this is the best way to keep them.

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NatBug said...

What a fun time, that one picture looks like Dillon is holding the silo up with one hand..hahaha! So, when you get your makeup and costume let me know so we can hook up!