Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So here we are, all moved in and getting back into the swing of life. We have had a busy and fun filled past two weeks including a unpacking boxes, a field trip, more boxes to unpack, Christopher's Birthday, boxes, Mothers Day, boxes, and keeping up with Dillon & Carson.

First, the field trip was to the Clark Planetarium, it was ok I guess. Dillon actually enjoyed it much better this year, and enjoyed telling me all about what he knew.
Happy Birthday to my darling Christopher! This year was very low key, I was so caught up in the move that all we did was have his family over for dinner and cake. Hee hee, I put the candles in the cake with the 32 on it, Chris then kindly reminded me he is only 31, not 32.... oops, who's the old one now?!?
I had a great Mother's Day! I was woken up to Dillon bringing me in some roses that he was very proud of. It was so sad because by the end of the night, they were already dying. Dillon got very sad, because he wanted them to last longer... but not to worry, I got some replacement roses Tuesday night. What a lucky Mom I am! My Mom also came up to visit, and on Saturday we treated ourselves to back massages..... aaaaa, I must do that more often.
Last but defiantly not least, my boys. Carson is crawling all over the place, and finding all sorts of things to get into. He is pulling himself up onto things very well, including his crib. I am so worried that he is going to fall and crack his head. Dillon is loving his new house and the neighborhood. He has already made a couple of friends, and is very excited to go play in the yard. The other day I went and registered him for Kindergarten (sniff, sniff), my little man is growing up so fast!

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