Friday, May 28, 2010


A couple of weeks ago we got some bikes and a trailer for Carson. Dillon likes to ride in it with Carson, and Carson couldn't be happier in it. Both the boys LOVE to go for rides, now if this blasted weather would just cooperate we could go more often.
My baby is growing up so fast, I have been trying to get him to eat more solid foods lately, so I don't have to buy this ridiculously expensive baby food any more. He actually does just fine with all of it so far, now I just need to be fine with it. Here he is enjoying his lunch, strawberries and mandarin oranges.And here is Dillon showing me that he is just a messy as Carson.Dillon wanted me to take a picture of his funny face, so here it is.Then I made his show me his face of how much he loves me.... awww sweet!
Carson LOVES to play in Dillon's room. I have all sorts of toys in his room and all over the house, but he is happiest in Dillon's room. Dillon is a pretty good sport most of the time, but when he wants him to stay out, he will just close the door. Carson will sit in front of it and cry because he wants to go in. My poor little man, he just idolizes his brother.


grandpa craig said...

The bike riding sounds you trade off pulling the trailer?

NatBug said...

I love your bike trailer. I have a really nice one, but my bike is now demolished, so I don't get to use it too often. Love your pics, Carson is getting so big! What day did you have him last year? Was he born on the 15th? My doctor wants to schedule me on or around the 16th for my c-section. For some reason he likes Wednesdays for c-sections? My choice would be the 18th, but who knows?

Heather said...

@Dad, We do trade off, well I will just hop on Chris's bike when I want to, but it is actually pretty easy to pull them, you can't even really feel it... until the next day! :)

@Natalie, What happened to your bike? That would be SO cool if you did have the C-section on the 16th, that's Carson's Birthday!!!

Kristin said...

The bike trailer is a great idea. Looks like fun, and it is really wise to be teaching the kids early on that getting out and getting some exercise is a good thing.

Carson has got to be one of the cutest little boys in history.

NatBug said...

So I totally know that I made a comment on this post, but I just got word that Bunco is June 12th at 6:00 pm. Hope you can make it. Hopefully this little bean will still be in me so that I can make it too! Haha, that would be cool if he came on the 16th. I will find out this afternoon my exact date for the c-section. Love ya!