Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hoppy Easter

For Easter this year we headed into warmer climates... St. George. The kids had so much fun, my sister and her family were visiting. Playing with the cousins is always an extra bonus! We did so much, playing around Grandmas house, two Easter egg hunts, dying Easter eggs, and digging in the sand dunes.
Getting ready for the big hunt
Finding all sorts of stuffDying Easter EggsCarson showing off his eggAnd Dillon showing off hisWhat a freaking stud!Such concentrationPlaying in the sandCarson attempting to crawl (come on now, any day buddy!)Dillons perfect day!Carson was not sure what to think Easter Morning, Dillon got his own fishing poleAnd Carson got a new toy. He DID NOT like the feel of the fake grass,just look at his face!Another hunt Carson found some eggs tooAnd another findHere they are, Brandon, Matthew, Carson, Dillon, Ashlie, and Kyle


Brandon and Dusty said...

Cute pics! I love Easter! It looks like it was nice and warm!

Kristin said...

Its so fun to see their activities and all they did for the weekend. It would have been more fun to be there, but seeing the pictures is great, too. Looks like it was pretty warm, considering the boys were able to go shirtless (good plan when dying Easter eggs!)

Are you SURE you want Carson crawling? Remember how much faster you have to go to catch them once they start to crawl? :)