Thursday, March 18, 2010

Growing, growing, growing

I took the boys to their well checks today, boy do I have some big, and cute I might add, boys. Here are there stats:
Dillon 5 years Weight: 39lbs. 2oz., 50%
Height: 43.5 in., 75%
He can hear and see well. The poor little man had to have four shots to get all ready for Kindergarten!

Carson 9 months Weight: 24lbs. 4oz., 97%
Length: 30.5 in., off the charts
Head: 46.0 cm. , 60%
Carson is the size of an average 15 month old. He was lucky and got off with no shots. He is rolling all over and is getting closer every day to crawling.
I love you both very much!


grandpa craig said...

those are indeed a couple of good looking boys...

Ashley Rae said...

I agree with grandpa craig. Very cute boys. :)