Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Dillon

Happy birthday to my big boy Dillon! We surprised Dillon this year for his birthday and took him to San Diego! We had so much fun and he was so surprised and happy to be there. We hit Sea World, Legoland, and the beach.... I will be posting more of our activities in the days to come but I wanted to wish my big boy a very Happy Birthday! I love you so much Dillon, thanks for being so much more than I could ever imagine in child, and for bringing all the smiles and frustration in my world... you are the best!
Dillon opening some presents on his Birthday

Dillon wanted to go swimming on his big day, so we went!Here he is jumping in...
And he had lots of fun pulling Carson around
Dillon, Dad, and Carson warming up in the hot tub


Kristin said...

Woohoo! What a great birthday present. Looks like so much fun! Which was his favorite place?

NatBug said...

I bet that was the best birthday ever!!! I am so jealous of the nice warm sun that you all got!

Heidi said...

Where did you go swimming at? Here in SL???

Heather said...

@ Kristin:
Dillon really enjoyed the dolphins at Sea World, and wanted to spend every day at the beach. I was just glad to see him having so much fun.

@ Natalie:
He has told me that was the best Birthday ever, and he will remember it forever. It makes it all worth it! It was so nice to be in the sun, soon enough we will have it here... I hope.

@ Heidi:
No, we were swimming at the pool where we were staying. I would say it's a bit too cold for swimming outside here in good old SL!