Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just hanging out

As I have said before, Carson in completely in love with Dillon and is so fascinated with him. He watched every move he makes, and just stares him down. Dillon also loves Carson and I CAN NOT WAIT for Carson to get a bit more mobile (or can I?) so the boys can really play together. What a lucky mom I am!

This was so cute, Carson was studying Dillon's ear, and was pulling his hair at the same time. Dillon just sat there for a good ten minutes and let his brother poke and study him.

Here are my studs sitting in Mom & Dads bed watching TV. Dillon started laughing at the TV and in turn Carson was laughing at Dillon. Dillon thought that was funny so he started laughing at Carson, too stinking cute!


Heidi said...

see.... and you were SO terrified to have two kids. Hey.... I understand.

grandpa craig said...

Those are indeed a couple of great looking boys - I'm sure they're going to be each others' best friends. I like the matching outfits!