Monday, February 22, 2010

for the books

I have said this half a dozen times, and I know I will say this again more times than I can count, but I must have done something right somewhere to get my kids. Dillon is such a sweetheart and I just never wanted to forget this, so this post is mainly for me and my memory. Dillon keep telling his dad he wanted to get me a diamond necklace for Valentines Day, needless to say, I didn't get one. Yesterday we were at Sam's club and Dillon saw the jewelry case. He told me I can't look and with the sneakiest look on his face grabbed his Dad's hand to head that way. He walked around the whole thing until he found what he wanted, a diamond necklace with two diamond hearts:
Dillon: Dad, that's the one I want to get my Mom! (a smile from ear to ear!)
Chris: It is? You think she will like that one?
Dillon: Yes! I know she will, it has two hearts, one because I love her, and one because Carson loves her!

How could I help but not cry, I love you my sweet sweet boy!!!

It's amassing the things your kids observe and take note on. With that being said, Chris and I have been talking about this vacation we are going on, and Chris was saying that he was going to pack his own suitcase (HA!). Dillon made sure to put him in place and said “ Dad, you NEVER pack your own suitcase, Mom does. She takes care of all of us, and you go to work all day!” it's nice that somebody notices! :)


Brandon and Dusty said...

So cute! He is such a sweet boy!!

Ashley Rae said...

Oh wow- what a sweetheart. You are lucky to have such a darling little boy. Two of them.

Kristin said...

That is precious. You do have sweet little boys. I'm glad you are writing this stuff down!

NatBug said...

That is super here is my question? Did you get the necklace? Anywho, Alisa said that those Sea World tickets are for sale again on I am not sure if they are in the stores, but are for sure online.