Friday, May 22, 2009

There is a light!

I am on cloud nine right now, I am almost done! This last stretch is so hard… it has gone by so fast, yet slow at the same time?!? I went to the doctor’s yesterday and it is official, I will get my new little one on June 12th, if not sooner! I am dilated to a two, and 70% effaced. My doctor told me that he isn’t even sure if I will even make it until the 12th, although I am not holding my breath but at least I know I will get to meet him on the 12th. We really want to thank everyone for all the wonderful gifts, and the contributions that have been given to us for this baby and our family. We are lucky to have friends and family to help support us, thank you so much!


wurstens5 said...

Yea you are almost done!! Can't wait to meet little back hoe.

Ashley Rae said...

Baby #2 will be here before you know it!! Hang in there :)