Sunday, December 7, 2008

yes, it is true!

Ok ok, so it is true, I am pregnant! I know, it’s crazy, I can hardly believe it myself. I feel mostly sick and scared. I am pretty much sick all day every day, but I have my pills that make it feel manageable so I can handle it. Some days I would rather just sit and do nothing, but I am doing pretty good for the most part. I am scared because of EVERYTHING!!! How will Dillon react? Can I handle two? Is this one going to make us go broke? Do I have enough love to go around? Are Chris and I ever going to have a second to ourselves? So many questions… but I hope it will all work out. I am currently 12 weeks along and am due June 20th. We have a lot of Birthday’s in June between our families, so hopefully this little one will get a day to it’s self.


Kristen said...

I am soo excited for you! Don't stress yourself out over the unkown. Of course you'll have your bad days - but the majority of the days are great! Dillon will LOVE having a sibling!!

Kristin said...

You will do just fine. :) Dillon may feel a little put-out for a while, but then he might be really excited and be very helpful, as well.

When J'Neil was born, I was panicked at how to manage two, and it actually had me in tears a time or two -- how was I supposed to keep track of Sam when I had to be holding, transporting, whatevering J'Neil? But I got used to it really quick (though of course, I also had your help).

You have plenty of love to go around - your love will expand, the baby will not use up some of the love you have for Chris & Dillon. Baby will create its own love in your heart. So no worries there.

As for the time to yourselves? Well... That is one thing you'll have to manage and perhap plan ahead for. But you are going to be great.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're going to be great! And I'm sure Dillon will have a great time as well. It's a very good thing to be a big brother, and I imagine it's a very good thing to have a big brother.