Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A funny story

Ok, I hope I can make this story sound as funny as it really was because I was busting up! We went to play at classic skating earlier in the day and they give you a wrist band that says what you paid for and for how long. Dillon HATES wearing things on his wrist (weird kid!) and will rip them off the second I look away. To avoid this I usually just wrap it around his belt loop and he is none the wiser. We were at home and I was making dinner and he came up behind me and asked me to please take this off. (The wrist band on his belt loop) I told him I was happy to do it, I just needed to finish cutting these potatoes and wash my hands and that he needed to be patient. He was getting irritated behind me (I was not looking at him) asking if he could cut it off, saw it off exc., exc. Then he started to whine, I told him don’t wine at me, I was busy and I would help him as soon as I was done. He was still upset and I told him that he needed to go and play, or go to time out. He said he couldn’t go play like that. Getting irritated myself I said “why not, you have been playing like that all day long, and you were just fine” He then said to me “I can’t play like this, I am broken!” I turned around to see what all the fuss was about and he had stuck is hand in the loop trying to break it off and got his hand stuck in there. (Hence the pictures) I was laughing so hard, and he was so irritated with me, too cute!

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