Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Boy's day out

Dillon has been asking for what feels like forever to go fishing….. That is definitely not a mom thing to do so we I have been waiting for Chris to take him. Last weekend they finally went and Dillon had a BLAST! He caught a fish, and even held it; he had so much fun Chris took him the next day. On Sunday they caught a lot of fish, and Dillon was so proud to tell me he caught TWO on the same line. I know the boys had fun fishing, and I had fun sitting a home, ALONE, relaxing!


wurstens5 said...

Oh how fun. And it's even more fun that he caught a fish. Yea!!

allison garcia said...

Micah would love to go fishing. Carlos has been so busy with work and school, it's been hard to make time. But he has also been asking to go all summer. Maybe next year huh!

Holly said...

I'm glad Dillon had fun but all I can think is eeewwwww. Fish are gross. I hope you didn't have to clean them (they probably threw them back right?)