Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meadow Lake

I am sorry to say that I hardly got ANY good pictures from Meadow Lake, but the few that I did have I sent off to Randy, so hopefully he will share those. I just wanted to put this up incase anybody missed it that was interested, and also because I am a very proud mom! If you watch, notice how he looks and turns the wheels correctly when he is backing up, and then watch his head look to make sure he is not hitting the fence. I know he backs up into it, but he doesn’t have any breaks on that thing. He is a professional driver in my book. Another one of his favorite things to do is 180’s down our sloped driveway….. I will have to get pictures of that up too!

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Anonymous said...

Whoa!!! What a cool tractor. And you're right, he looks just like a professional driver! Even more than the proper technique (which he demonstrates very well!), he just looks right at home in that drivers seat!