Monday, April 8, 2013

Were still alive!

Hello anyone who still reads my blog.  As you may, or may have not noticed I have been a little MIA for a while, but I assure you I have a good reason.  A really good one, in fact TWO…….. well it turns out I’m pregnant! AAAAAAAA, scary right, well that’s not the scary part, it’s actually TWINS!! We found this out about a month ago, and it’s still sinking in.  I’m really scared and happy all at the same time.  Chris is just excited.  Dillon is beside himself and can’t wait to have two more siblings and Carson….. well I don’t think he quite gets it yet, but he not that into it. 

I have been sick for a good month and a half and am feeling better these days.  I still have bad days, but at least I’m able to function like a human. I am due October 14th but the Dr. said he will be happy and surprised if I make it to the end of September.  Our house has just been in survival mode and my poor little blog has paid the price.  I am so surprised how much these babies are taking out of me. .  I eat ALL the time, I’m serious.  I have to eat every 2 hours or I pay the price, and I have to take it really easy.  I can’t push myself like I could with the other two  I feel and look like I’m already 6 months along when I’m only a little over 3 months.  I’m terrified for this summer with having both boys home with me all day, and it being so stinking HOT here you can’t go outside.  I can already tell I’m in for a wild ride. 

I do have some things share on my blog, but I will keep you in suspense.  I will just let this sink in for a bit and hopefully you come back for the rest.  I hope I still have time to blog after the babies come, it sure is fun to have these memories!

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Rhoda said...

Seriously the neatest/scarriest news ever! I love it!

The other day Rusty asked me if I could call a friend for a play date and so I went through his list of friends and he kept saying no...he finally remembered and said, "Carson...the one with the rollercoster in his living room!" Holy cow! I told him you guys moved to Texas and he said, "oh yeah!" What a silly goof!

Just yesterday we were at the dinner table and all the sudden Wesley started talking about Dillon and the time they went to "Fun in Motion" and played in the Lazer Maze!. Haha! I guess we all miss you guys! C

Can't wait for the next announcement!