Friday, January 4, 2013

My sweet boys

I feel SO lucky to have such great kids that really love each other.  It was in August that Dillon came to me telling me what he wanted to give his brother for Christmas.  He wanted to make him a car book.  Dillon started collecting the car magazines and cutting out all of Carson’s favorite cars.  He then got some paper and glued all the cars to make him a book.  He was so pleased with the final project, and I was so proud of him for caring so much about Carson to give and make him such a special gift. Dillon was also lucky enough to find Carson’s most coveted car of all;  A Boss Mustang 302.  Carson was beside himself Christmas morning to open his gift from his brother! Carson idolizes Dillon and just loves to be with him.  Carson wanted to give Dillon his favorite car for Christmas, so he found him a Ferrari 458 Italia.  Christmas between the two brothers was a success.  I love them both so much, and am looking SO forward to many more Christmas’s just like this :)

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