Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So I’m only a week late, but who’s noticing? Happy Thanksgiving! This was the first year EVER for both Chris and I that we have been away from family.  It was a little weird, but we were thankful that we have such great friends to invite us over to join their family.  Being away from extended family only makes me appreciate mine even more!
I Love Chris!  I love so much about him.  I love that he makes me smile. I love the friendship that we have. I love that he is ALWAYS doing everything for us and never anything for himself. I love that even after 13 years together he can still give me butterflies. I love how hard he works for us, and never complains about it. I love that he is always willing to do anything I ask him to do. I love that I say his name and I instantly smile.  I love that he is such a great father to my kids! I have no words to express how lucky and blessed I feel to have him, and I don’t think I could ask for much more.  I love him!
I love Dillon!  He is such his father’s child, and for that fact alone, I love him. I LOVE his imagination and creativity.  I love that he is such a great kid.  I love his dedication for things he passionate about. I love watching him grow. I love what a great big brother he is, and that he is setting such a great example. Simply stated; I love him!
I love my Carson man!  I love that he is ALWAYS on the go. I love the way he talks and the silly things he comes up with.  I love that he’s my buddy during the day. I love his passion for cars. I love that he’s potty trained (YEA!!). I love the random “I love you’s” I get during the day. I love that he has actually fallen asleep in my arms recently. It’s next to impossible to not love him!
It’s pretty safe to say that I’m happy! Not all day every day, but every day, I’m happy!

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