Sunday, June 3, 2012

Busy bees

I know, I know.  I have been a total slacker with the blog.  But in my defense, I have busy playing rather than sitting on my lazy who-ha and blogging.  May has already come and gone, and it was fun while it lasted.  Chris had a birthday (sorry honey for no special post to you) and Dillon graduated FIRST GRADE!!! I am SO happy he is out of school, and now we have some serious playing to do! We got started a little early with an extra long Memorial Day weekend (for whatever reason Dillon got Friday off as well?) So we decided to host a BBQ with some friends.  We busted out the slip-n-slide, and went old school and put the sprinklers under the trampoline.  Fun fun times! Then on Dillon’s last day of school, I checked him out early and surprised him by taking him to the movies.  Then on our first official day off of school we went bowling!  Summer has just started, but we aren’t slowing down one bit….. bring on June.   

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