Sunday, August 8, 2010

Meadow Lake

Last week we went to my family reunion in Montana. It was so fun to see everybody and play all week. We went swimming, sled down the Alpine Slide, swimming some more, played at the beach, more swimming, went to the fun center where we played mini golf, did the water bumper boats, and drove the race cars, a little more swimming, went to see a play, and lots and lots of visiting and good food! It was so hard to come back, but is always nice to get back to the swing of things before the next big vacation! (duh duh duh!!!)


Holly said...

You got some great pictures Heather (got some good ones on my camera too) Only wish I could see them bigger. Everything I click on I get the picture of all us wet folk. Maybe there's something up with my computer..... who knows. Great pictures anyway ;)

Kristin said...

Nice pictures! I'm so glad we could all go and spend some time together. The kids are so dang cute. I'm happy you had a fun time.

Mel said...

Great pictures!