Friday, June 25, 2010

Your 1, now lets party

Carson is such a stud, he is discovering new things every day. I love to watch him play with his toys, try to get into the cupboards that are locked, and especially play with the brother man. He is pretty good a keeping his balance when he stands up, and has taken a couple of steps. Now we are just waiting for him to get some more courage and take a lot of steps. He is growing lots and lots of teeth (I think like four right now) and is your typical one year old crawling all over the place, and putting everything he can find in his mouth. We love you so much Carson man, hope you had a great Birthday!
Weight: 25.7 85%
Height: 31.3 80%
Head: 47.2 70%
We had a great birthday party for Carson last Saturday... but who invited the wind anyways? We just had the fam over for a little BBQ and opened some presents. Carson scored some great presents including a new truck, train, baby swing, an all activity toy, bath toys, little cars for him and a stroller (Hee hee, thanks Jamie!) . The big present from Mom & Dad is his roller coaster, and both he and Dillon LOVE it. I must admit... I wanted to get this back for Dillon when he was a young-un but I held off. I found this on sale and I knew I must have it for Carson, hats off to me! As for the cake, he enjoyed eating it, but was very unsure about digging into it with his hands.


wurstens5 said...

Wish we could have been there1 Happy Birthday

Kristin said...

Looks like a fun little celebration. :) Hard to believe he's already 1!