Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our newest family members

Last week, for whatever reason, Dillon was on a kick to get a fish?!? I heard about it one night as he was going to bed, I thought for sure he would forget about it. The next morning, the first words out of his mouth were “mom, after breakfast can we go to the pet store and get a fish?” I tried to hold him off but he was determined to have these fish. Two days, and several requests later, he got his fish.
Giving the fish some love before they went to there home
Helping dad get the new tank readyCounting them to make sure they all made it in safely
Dillon showing me how happy he is to have his fish!

He loves these stinking fish! The next morning he woke up sat right up with a huge smile on his face and said "Good morning fish!" Then later that night, he needed a bath, he asked if his fishes could go in the tub with him. What a cute boy, I'd do anything to make my Dillon happy!


Kristin said...

Fish. The perfect pet. Just ask dad.

Heidi said...

Oh no... did you get Goldfish? I remember mine always died like within a week, maybe I didn't take good care of them, I don't remember. If they don't work out try a beta fish! Good luck!

NatBug said...

How cute Heather! I was going to ask what kind of fish they are? Like Heidi said, watchout for those darn short-lived goldfish....you might have to prepare yourself to be able to run and buy some more at any moments notice!

grandpa craig said...

How's the fish? Yes, I do believe fish to be the perfect pet, but I too am worried about the life span of gold fish... though I seem to recall you having a beta some time back...

Has Dillon named his fish?